Longevity Development



identify and develop investment opportunities, strategies, enterprise operations and markets in collaboration with others


secure financing and investment for those opportunities


execute, manage and/or supervise the appropriate, results-driven management and execution of those opportunities once secured


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We offer five core functions, from identifying an opportunity through to delivering its operations on the ground.

Ultimately, we have built our reputation on the ability to bring it all together, looking not just for quick wins, but for the critical path increments that unlock value and long-lasting productivity.


The right investment

We identify, develop strategies, and secure financing for investment opportunities, with a keen eye for overlapping portfolio synergies.


They have embodied what African leaders can and should aspire to, relating to successful business as a driver for social and economic change.

Keith Polo, CNFA Europe


operational excellence


We develop fit-for-purpose operations, underpinned by the highest production, technical, quality management and management information systems.


Establishing a business from scratch in Africa is a challenge, but when I saw the scale and standard they have achieved, I was instantly impressed.

Casper Kruger, Coca-Cola


People performance

We deliver the people  required for a successful enterprise, including a workforce development and long term human capital strategy.


They have an exceptional ability to spot talent, nurture it, and inspire people to work towards a common goal.

Angela Chifundo Chindebvu, Malawi Mangoes


public + private

We bring the public and private sectors into specific collaboration opportunities, helping each to mitigate the risks of their desired return profile, market access and public benefit requirements.


They have created a template for how commercial agribusiness investments should be structured for quick and sustainable results, benefiting a wide range of stakeholders.

Joshua Varela, Special Advisor to The Vice President of Malawi



We communicate the respective sensibilities of the private and public sector; acting as leaders and advocates for greater collaboration across sectors and economies, and between brands and consumers.


They have managed to so dramatically alter the way so many of us think about agriculture in the region. They have done so by demonstrating that when it comes to making an investment in agriculture, a very significant part of successful execution is the degree to which (and moreover, the honesty with which) one engages with the communities which such a business will necessarily be intertwined with. It is no hyperbole to say they have blazed a trail for the next generation of business people, who can now more confidently take a view that the private sector should no longer see this approach as philanthropy - from an investment perspective, it is just good, honest business.

Henry Clark, Merlin Partners